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Meet the Sisters



Hi! I'm Chrystal, the wisest and most experienced of the 3 sisters. Yes, that means I'm the oldest. I am a Branch Manager for a bank in my "day job" and will be handling a lot of the "business" aspects of The Pod. Don't worry, I also get to have some fun and shop with all of you! I've dreamed of owning my own business for FOREVER and am so excited to finally fulfill my entrepreneurial spirit, it's even better to get to do it with my best friends, my sisters! On a more personal note, I've been married to my best friend since 2006, Adam. Adam is a teacher and coach at Brandon Valley HS in Brandon, although, he says he should now also be referred to as Doctor because our youngest babe came super quick and Adam had to deliver him in our bathroom! We currently have 3 little people that rule our roost, a girl and 2 boys. Rylan, Ryder and Corbin are my heart, I love them so much and they keep us on our toes for sure! I am addicted to my snooze button and have a really hard time getting anywhere on time, I like to think that's because I've got 3 little people to get ready, but I know that's just a cover up! For fun, we like to go camping, Friday night movie nights, and we love a good dance party! I love iced lattes and will drive a good distance just to get one, I also like wine and wine tasting (mostly because I get to do it with other adult friends - adult time is a rarity!), HGTV, basically any reality TV (Kardashian's are a fave), other bad habits include shopping and ice cream, and every once in a while I decide that I'm going to be a runner so I take a stab at that. I can't wait to meet all of you when you go shopping with us on The Pod!


Hello! I'm Laura, the sister with the dreaded "middle child syndrome". Growing up
I was the "tomboy" hunting with my Dad, catching frogs in the pond and bringing lizards and mice in the house as my new "pets". I'm in my mid 20s, am married to my wonderful fire fighter husband, Zach who I met pheasant hunting in 2009. We have a "sparkler" 1 year old daughter named Rowan. I secretly wish I was a 1950s housewife, living on a farm, wearing a little patterned apron, baking up a storm and gathering eggs from the chicken coup. However, instead I'm a 21st century stay home mommy who dreams of a large family(think 10 kids) which is equally pretty awesome! I love to sew, watch smut reality TV, shop, and pig out on junk filled ice cream. I also love to hunt and go camping! I have my cosmetology license and like to think I have an eye for fashion. For a few years now my sisters and I tease our husbands constantly with random businesses that we are going to open. One day I was watching a morning show and they featured “mobile boutiques” and I immediately called my sisters with the idea and from there “The Paisley Pod” has been born! I’m so excited to be putting our dream into a reality! Each of us brings our own special talents and strengths to the Pod. I'm in charge of the technological aspects of the pod including the website and social media on top of the "fun stuff" like shopping with all of you beautiful people!


Hey there, I’m Dani, the third and youngest sister.  It’s been a dream of mine to start my own boutique since I started working at Lillian’s downtown Sioux Falls in January of 2013.  What’s better than starting your dream with your two best friends, aka sisters!?  I not only have a passion for fashion but also beauty and makeup!  I have been working at Sephora as a makeup artist for two years now, and it’s so awesome to make women feel more beautiful about themselves!  In addition to making others feel better about themselves, working at Sephora feeds my addiction for makeup as well! I am such a makeup junkie, I literally have nights where I sit on my couch with a glass of wine and watch YouTube makeup tutorials, then I make a list of makeup products I want to purchase… it’s a problem.  I have to set up my TV so I can watch YouTube on that instead of my laptop because my cat, Gertrude/Gertie, will literally do whatever she can to be in front of my laptop screen and sit on the keyboard.  Gertie constantly needs to be played with and center of attention otherwise I am her new chew/scratch toy.  Anyways, that’s a little bit about me and I can’t wait to get to know all of you! I bet you’re pretty neat!

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